Gurukripa Hospital

24 x 7 Emergency & Trauma

At Gurukripa Hospitals, we understand that treating medical emergencies is not only about having state of the art infrastructure and equipment, it also requires a multidisciplinary approach and team to handle any kind of medical emergencies.

  • Specialised Emergency Consultants who are well trained to handle all kinds of medical emergencies.
  • 10 well equipped emergency beds to handle multiple cases at a time.
  • Advanced life support ambulances or ICUs on Wheels which are as good as a hospital intensive care bed and we can start treatment while the patient is on their way to the Hospital.
  • Cardiologists to take care of heart attacks and any kind of Heart related issues.
  • Neurosciences Consultants to handle brain stroke, head injuries, spinal injuries or nerve related injuries.
  • Orthopaedic Consultants to manage accident or trauma cases and any bone injuries.
  • General, Laparoscopic and GI Surgeons to attend to emergency appendix surgeries, gall bladder, hernia, liver or abdominal trauma or problems.
  • Urologists & Nephrologists to deal with any kind of kidney and urinary tract related trauma or issues.
  • Plastic Surgeons to ensure that any trauma surgery is done with optimum cosmetic care.