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The Department of Oncology at Gurukripa Hospital is committed to providing world-class cancer care & radiation oncology services. Our oncologists’ team is well-supported by trained nurses and technicians who thrive on delivering high-end care services for all. We, at Gurukripa Hospitals, provide complete cancer treatment for all solid organ malignancies head & neck, breast, GI, Gynae, or Uro oncology. Following standard guidelines and doing the individualized treatment is our mainstay.


The department deals with screening, diagnosis, staging, treatment, and management of different types of cancers in all age groups. The department offers multiple cancer treatments (surgical, chemotherapy, radiation) and comprehensive care under one roof to deliver the best results to their patients.

Diagnosis – Diagnosis is the mainstay of any cancer treatment. We are routinely doing CT orUSG guided FNAC or Biopsy as required for diagnosis. With the facility of Lal Path Lab Cyto Histopathology and advanced ancillary tests like IHC, Cytogenetics, FISH, we provide timely and accurate diagnoses as per present standards. Advance CT scan, MRI, MR mammography, DEXA scan help in-depth diagnosis to get exact information about location, type, and spread of the tumor.

Treatment – The above accurate diagnostic interpretation helps us to provide the most effective treatment best suited for that particular patient. With facilities of modular OT, ICU, HDU, and dedicated staff, we are doing all solid organ Radical Cancer Surgery routinely as per standards. Treatment planning and individualized counselings are our mainstays, which help patients and their well-wishers to walk this phase with confidence.

Chemotherapy – We have well-trained staff to handle and infuse chemo drugs. We are also providing a chemo port facility, which provides hassle-free and safe chemotherapy infusion. Gurukripa Hospitals follows a holistic approach in treating the entire spectrum of cancers at all stages. The team of experts uses the latest diagnostic techniques to diagnose the most challenging cases of cancer and treat them with medications, operations, or radiotherapy. Cancer is a ruthless disease, and this disease can constantly spread. Cancer treatment requires comprehensive care and treatment with immense dedication.

The highly experienced oncologists and onco-surgeons determine the best possible treatment for their patients



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