Gurukripa Hospital

Labour Room

Pregnancy and birth are events of joy and happiness for the family who expect the mother will go through the delivery procedure safely and produce a healthy baby.

Taking care of pregnant women during the pre-delivery and delivery process is very important with the doctor and nurses working as a team to attain the goal of mother and baby’s safety.

Today Labour Room Department, Gurukripa Hospitals is ready to serve you, for the mother to have a safe pregnancy, and relieve worries by focusing on every dimension.


The team of highly experienced obstetricians and pediatricians can handle any issues that may occur. The specialist nurse team is an important part in providing prompt care, monitoring all symptoms or any changes of the mother and baby.

Prenatal Nonstress Test (NST) to ensure the safety of the baby Preparation, modern technology and equipment, and a quality system according to international standards Readiness of the delivery room, also to international standards, with a calming environment and atmosphere and a waiting room that is designed to relieve anxiety before giving birth