Gurukripa Hospital

Complete Cardiac Care- ECG, 2D ECHO, CTMT & HOLTER

Cardiac Care Technology measures how well a heart is functioning and can monitor heart rate. Technicians here measure how well a patient’s heart is functioning. Cardiac care technicians are the medical professionals who administer various tests that assist the doctor in diagnosis.Cardiac care technicians assist physicians during invasive cardiovascular testing, where a tube is inserted into one of the blood vessels that carry blood into the heart. Once doctors insert the catheter, technicians monitor patients’ heart rates and blood pressure, looking for any signs of trouble or distress.

Our cardiac health care service at home is for patients recovering from cardiac-related surgeries or those who are living with chronic cardiac disease. Our patients receive highly specialized cardiac monitoring, education and personal care in their homes. Our program helps you better understand your cardiac condition and its management. You learn how to manage your medication, diet and activity levels; learn to identify symptoms early, reducing your chances of having to be hospitalized again and allowing you to recuperate in the comfort of your own home.