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Spine Surgery Recovery Time

Recovery after spine surgery depends on multiple factors like the degree of severity of the spinal condition, a procedure performed, other underlying conditions. It can take 3 to 6 months to one year for complete recovery. Consult in Gurukripa Hospital, Sikar for spinal problems.

Types of spinal surgeries and recovery time: These are some commonly performed spinal surgeries with recovery time:


It is the most performed type of spinal surgery. As the name suggests, the lamina is removed from the vertebrae to relieve the pressure on nerves. It is performed to treat tumours, disk-related problems and bony spurs. It takes longer to recover than usual that is up to twelve weeks.


It involves the surgical removal of abnormal disc material of the intervertebral disc or the whole disc which compresses the nerve or spinal cord. It takes six to eight weeks for recovery.

Spinal Fusion:

In this surgery, two or more vertebrae are connected. The basic idea is to heal the two bones as one solid bone. The connected vertebrae do not have mobility like before. Spinal fusion is used to treat conditions like scoliosis. In healthy individuals, recovery takes four to six weeks or more but in older patients, it may take four to six months for complete recovery.

After surgery, the patient is under supervision till the patient feels conscious. A tube is inserted into the back to drain fluid from the wood. An IV line is inserted into the arm to deliver analgesics, fluids, and antibiotics. A catheter is introduced for urine discharge as patients may not be able to walk or stand. The patient is shifted to a regular hospital room.


A physiotherapist will evaluate a patient’s condition and suggest exercise and movement. Physiotherapy started within 24 hours postoperatively. Range of motion exercises helps in strengthening arms and legs.

Hospital stays:

Nowadays spinal surgeries can be minimally invasive procedures, which ensure a faster recovery. Patients can be discharged within 24 hours after surgery or may require 1 to 3 days as per the patient condition. Only spinal fusion surgeries require more hospital stays.


Rest is important for complete recovery, but doctors might ask patients to stand or walk as soon as possible.

Back Braces:

It is used in patients with spinal fusion surgery. A back brace is a rigid framework that supports your spine and allows it to heal by restricting movement. It takes off the pressure from the fractured bone and relieves pain. Bracing is also helpful in preventing deformity of the spine.

Wound care:

Dressings can be removed after seven to 10 days. Patients can remove the bandages at home after surgeons’ permission.

Pain and numbness can be felt at the site of the injection incision. Notice any changes like increased redness, swelling, drainage of fluid, increase in body temperature etc, for any doubts consult a spine surgeon. Book your appointment with the best spine doctor in Sikar.

The incision should be kept dry for five to seven days, and ask the doctor about bathing instructions. Take someone’s help for the first time while taking a bath after the surgery. Cover the dressing with plastic wrap and take all precautions to keep it dry. The bathroom should not be slippery.


After 24 hours the patient is shifted on a chair from the bed. In the beginning, the patient has to take support of walking. Walking is helpful in both upper and lower spinal surgery. The more you walk, the faster you recover. Walking is the main exercise and doctors will guide you on how to do it safely. The patients who walk regularly will get rid of the walker early.

Good posture:

When at home post-surgery, using a sturdy chair with arms will keep posture upright instead of using a soft comfortable chair. Do not sit for a long time in one position. While moving take precautions that the spine should not twist. In a sitting position, keep doing ankle exercises, that will ensure good blood circulation. Taking short breaks after 30 to 45 minutes is necessary, go on a walk or take a power nap.

Avoid smoking and alcohol use after spinal surgeries. Patients are steered clear of tobacco use.

For any spine-related problems, book your appointment with the best spine doctor in Sikar. Gurukripa Hospitals, Sikar Rajasthan.

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